Mushroom Focus.

Tractor tire tracks filled with water pattern a breathing landscape.

Attention flooded with mirage of distant villages, a foreground of ancient dancing trees and an unanswerable question – it’s nearly missed.

Mind tied up in kaleidoscope, feet drowsy, focus pulled down to manage the step.

There, speech-defying complexity in an oasis of simple beauty, brought into mushroom focus.

A thousand dancing flies arc the surface of the canyon pond,

Synchronized steps swell the water,

Separate events open up like flowering mirrors rimmed in blue.

Delicate aquatic gardens fringe the edges of sodden earth in crystal clear orange depths,

Swathes of violet linger in the shadows.

I lose myself, or it loses me.

A bee descends upon the magic,

Familiar taken for granted drone across the water,

And suddenly a profound normalness,

Just usually unseen.