Civilisation has been shunted into a precarious age. Modern urban industrial society is itself a ‘geological force’, having an impact on the planet so profound and without precedent, that by some estimates, widespread ecological and social collapse is just decades away.

Our current economic regime seems frankly, inimical to life. Its driving principle is perpetual growth and its primary function, to serve the interests of the few over the many. Yet there are few winners in this game – the unfettered expansion of the global economy erodes the very means of its own production, the biosphere: a complex and delicate living tapestry upon which all life depends.

Meanwhile, humanity has become captivated by the cheap sideshows and carnival of consumption played out to entertain us. The appetites of elements of our own community are a case in point: fascinated with aussiebums and the body’s that don them; with iphones, Cheryl Cole and X-Factor. We are literally sleepwalking into the apocalypse.

Debates around whether the climate is changing are now redundant and ridiculous. The climate changed – we’re already seeing the consequences. Contemporary society burns fossil fuels at a rate beyond what our beleaguered ecosphere can handle, with the planet warming to unpredictable consequences as a result. Accountability for this assault on nature, or political leadership towards a solution is fringe and actively oppressed.

Instead, the political elite divides and distracts the masses to the true nature and cause of the current crisis. Intent on protecting their fat cat masters, who control half of the planets wealth, and who keep their pawns on tight but plush leashes. The religious elite, who are just as invested, neglect the humble and loving content of their teachings for sideswipes at the vulnerable, based on the dregs of their most patriarchal and misogynistic verses, scribbled by neurotic ‘saints’ to bolster the equally distasteful hierarchies of a bygone age.

Apparently, our contemporary problem isn’t one of inequality; a gross problem of wealth acquisition and distribution that justifies a quality of life for a few so utopian those subsisting on a dollar a day can only dream. No, the problem as we are told is immigration. The problem is a skiving, work shy poor, eating away at our hard earned tax money, preying on the generosity of food banks and the like, for no other reason that they can. The problem, they say, is the homosexual. Their depraved lifestyles and heinous sexual practices threaten the very sanctity of heterosexual marriage, the integrity of the traditional family and indeed the very order of society. The homosexual is painted as the ultimate repository of evil – their choice hangouts are temples of worship to Dionysus, replete with fisting and rimming and nipple clamps and double penetration and wait? What is that he’s about to shove down the end of his cock?!

These people are intrinsically disordered. They are against the very order of nature. Outside of nature / opposed to it – in essence, unnatural.

This is the narrative that infects every society the world over to some degree. An army of religious hypocrites and corrupt bureaucrats attempt to convince us that anomalies counter to some grand design are common in nature, and that a violent human hierarchy based on that notion is legitimate and justified. According to these ideologues, queers are an abomination. Nature is conceived as stark, competitive and tightly controlled and productive only along strictly heterosexual lines – wholly dependent on heterosexual procreation as its primary means of reproduction and evolution.

Spontaneity, creativity, drama, beauty for beauty’s sake, mutual aid, compromise, pleasure and desire – also fundamental parts of nature, are not recognized in this violent interpretation. Nature’s diversity has been obscured by the privileged heterosexual whom is culpable in quite literally a scientific cover-up of the queerness of nature.

For pleasure. For desire. For real.

For pleasure. For desire. For real.

Take Bruce Bagemihl’s “Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity” (1999) for instance; a thorough documentation of homosexual, bisexual and transgendered wildlife in 300 species across two centuries of scientific research. Or Joan Roughgarden’s “Evolutions Rainbow” that documents an incredible diversity of sexuality across human and animal cultures. These works testify to how the definition of nature as fundamentally heterosexual is nothing but a cultural assumption without actual basis in nature. Indeed, Stacey Alaimo in the stunning collection of ‘Queer Ecologies’ puts it bluntly: “any sense of normative heterosexuality in nature is an absurd possibility”.

It is undeniable that, in nature, biodiversity, gender diversity and the whole spectrum of sexuality are ‘deeply intertwined’. Nature, is a web of interconnectedness that unfurls into more and more complex forms, not through the masculine and redundant notion of survival of the fittest, but via a queer-cascade; a desiring, playful, explorative interaction between and across species that blurs, fuses and explodes human conceptions of gender and which massages, flirts, fucks and sucks itself into new realms of expression and diversity. Our whole ecology is a breathing, living tapestry of queer celebration. Indeed, ‘if you want a queer monument, just look around you’.

This reality is met by the haters with scorn – for them it’s obvious that the human has transcended nature: we are above it, separate and commanding of it. Pointing out wider patterns in nature as relevant to our own experience is wrongheaded, they say.

But this arrogance is merely an echo of human detachment from nature, which allows us so unconsciously to shit on our own doorstep. Appreciating and accepting that all other life forms are our mirrors, and all life on earth exists in symbiosis, will in the end save us all. And when all is said and done, no matter what the corrupted say, nature has the last call – and that is, ultimately: I am queer, get used to it.

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